Survivor Nightmare Island
Stream 3 (2019)

Survivor Nightmare Island is the sequel to Dream island that is coming in November 2018!

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On April 27th 2018, Andrew Yalo announced the logo for his next potential series on his channel called "Survivor: Nightmare Island". In this video, The Amazing Race Minecraft was also announced but we have still yet to get news about that series. Construction for this show began in April and has been continuing since then. In October 2018, construction of all competitions and sets were complete and casting was opened on October 24th, 2018.
Minecraft Survivor- NIGHTMARE ISLAND -Applications-

Minecraft Survivor- NIGHTMARE ISLAND -Applications-

Casting Edit

On October 24th, 2018, the first teaser video that we got to see was posted on Andrew Yalo's YouTube channel. Casting was opened on the same day and has been open ever since. Casting is rumored to be closing in Early November and the full cast will be assembled around Mid November. The show is most likely to take place during the late weeks of November and be posted all within days apart.



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