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Season Big Brother Minecraft 5
Members David
Votes Against 7
HOHs 9 (Week 1, Week 3, Day 56, Week 9, Week 10, Day 84, Week 11, Day 98)
(Dethroned Week 3)
Times Nominated 9 (Week 1, Week 3, Week 5, Week 6, Day 56, Week 7, Week 8, Day 84, Day 98)
Veto Wins 4 (Week 3, Week 9, Week 10, Week 11)
Lowest Placing Member Brady (5/17)
Highest Placing Member David (1/17)

ShutUpDog was a Final Three alliance consisting of Brady, David, and Elly.



Formation and StrategyEdit

The alliance was formed during Elly's HOH on Week 9.

The alliance mutually agreed to target Gupta, as he has won a lot of competitions.

So, after winning the veto, Elly discarded it, sealing Gupta's fate.

Gupta was evicted 3-0.

On Week 10, David won HOH, confirming the alliance's safety.

David's target that week was Parker,

After Elly won the veto and discarded, Parker was evicted 3-0.

Following Parker's eviction, the houseguests went straight into double eviction.

Brady's DownfallEdit

Elly won the double eviction HOH, and put up the two outsiders, Chase and Gunner.

Despite their best efforts, Chase won veto and saved himself.

Elly remained loyal to David, so she nominated Brady as the replacement.

Chase's loyalty to Gunner put David in a difficult spot.

Ultimately, David chose to flip, evicting Brady.

Final FourEdit

Following Brady's eviction, it was clear that Elly and David would have to work hard to be the final two.

David won HOH, and nominated Chase and Gunner.

Following a close veto competition, David won veto, and discarded.

Elly evicted Chase, leaving Gunner as the last remaining outsider.

Final ThreeEdit

David, Elly, and Gunner were the final three.

David won part 1 of the final HOH, giving him a spot in the last part of the final HOH.

Elly beat Gunner by a score of 8-7 in part 2 of the final HOH, meaning she would face David off in the final HOH.

David ultimately won the final HOH.

David chose to stay loyal, and evicted Gunner.


David and Elly were the final two.

They were questioned by the jury, and made their final speeches.

David ultimately won the season by a vote of 7-2.